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Adrenalin I gladly would have waived

Tuesday, 2. March 2010

It actually happened already two weeks ago, but I thought it was worth to report.

Monday morning, customer meeting in Pretoria. This is a 45 minutes drive, but on a Monday morning it easily could take two hours or more. so I got up early to have a buffer.

I got to the car, put my jacket and laptop in, turned the key to ignition, turned the radio on, and programmed my GPS. Then it came to my mind that my IBM access card was in the other jacket. I jumped out of the car, got into the house to fetch it.

Coming back a wind gust must have slamed the car door. Trying to open, it is locked, key inside, and radio and GPS on. Back into the house getting the spare key.

Guess what – it didn’t open.
Unfortunately no window open. And pushing again the button of the central locking shows no effect.
There is no mechanic lock visible, and the manual is inside the car.
Trying to call the Nissan dealer, but all lines busy, immediately busy – network overload.
Minute by minute trickles off. What can I do?
Calling a friend who has been in the auto business. But he has no idea either.
I see the customer meeting starting and me not being there.
Still no connectivity to the dealer.
The spare key generates no reaction – battery empty? But I used it a couple of days ago.
Once more circling the car.  What is this mark on the front passenger door handle? A key symbol?

Try to lift off the handle. At least the part where the mark is on. Finally I can detach the plastic coffer. And underneath? The door lock! I can open the car.

Little relief since meanwhile a good hour has passed, my buffer almost gone.
Hurry up, get onto the highway to Pretoria.
And guess what?   –  No congestion at all.
Arriving at the customer’s place there are still 15 minutes to the start of the meeting.

I really didn’t need that adrenaline!

I already was awake!