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Lost in the Jungle

Wednesday, 13. January 2010

It is so embarrassing, but I got lost in the jungle
… in the urban jungle of ourse.

I was on my way two a customer, downtown – or Jo’burg CBD, how it is named here. Have been at that premisses once, and at least three times at another facility of that very same customer next to it.  Highway was bit busy, but I had plenty of time. The GPS was on just for curiosity. And I was not surprised when it guided me off the highway, since via the highway I would have gone 3/4 around CBD. So for sure there must be a short-cut. But quickly I stuck in congestion – road construction! No worries, there is still plenty of time, and the GPS shows another road in parallel. The other road – not much better; construction work too, and schedule is getting tight.

15 minutes to the meeting, a colleague is calling and I tell him I am just 10 minutes away, might get tight, but yes, I know Symgoss House.

Somehow I have the dim feeling I am going in the wrong direction. But what can you do? Haven’t been here before and Suzie (the GPS voice) says: “Turn right on Perth Street.”  I recognize, I am close to the University – that is definitely completely wrong. I have a vague idea in what direction CBD should be. But now, a bit stressed, I get trapped in Southern hemisphere misperception – where is East and where is West? Suzie says: “In fifty meters turn left into Hotel Road reaching North Towers on left.”
There are no towers!
No towers as far as the eye can reach!
Just 3 minutes to the meeting!
I am in the city in the middle of nowhere. Hotel Road is a 50 meter dead end.

I use my GPS favorites for another downtown customer, intending to program my destination on my way. Stress! I have forgotten the street address of Symgoss House. Too late to call the colleagues now, the meeting is on. I remember an intersection close, and program this in heavy traffic (and of course construction work), being sure I will find the place by recognition.
I push. I reach the destination while the meeting is 12 minutes on. But, where is Symgoss House? I see the Towers and circle. Can’t find that place!

Meeting is now 35 Minutes on, and I decide driving back. And I resolve to finally learn the Jo’burg map.
I did drive to Paris 10 years after being there last time.  And I did find a place of which I only had directions for the last 500 meters from Trocadero; did find it right away, without a map. I had learned Paris with a map many years ago!
With technology you get lazy!

It is so embarrassing! I have to learn the Jo’burg map!