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Tuesday, 12. January 2010

SoWeTo stands for „South-West-Townships“.

I decided to do a tour with Etienne even if we had to do it without Ludger, because he had to go to work. I wanted Etienne to see some other side of Johannesburg; how and where the majority of the population lives (5 million people in Soweto). Also some relicts from the Apartheit era, the hostels, as well as informal settlements which still carry about a 2 million people …. 🙁

So our tour group was just Etienne and me. We got picked up at home, almost 15 minutes late. Like a phrase says: Europeans have watches, Africans have time…. 😉

Jabulani, our driver drove us to the office of „Phaphama Initiatives“, the company, where we booked the tour, just to see Lindi and do some paperwork for the details.

We had to drive throught a criminal part of Johannisburg to get there. Thuli, our tourguide told us that the crime rate is so high, because there are too many people living here from too many different neighbouring countrys. Due to their different ethnics they don`t built up communitys.

Getting stopped by the police was our first expirience in this part of Jo’burg. Jabu had to show his driverlicence and open the boot. They also wanted to know, what two white people are doing in the back of a car driven by two black guys. Everything  was fine and we could go on.

So this is probably the shortes post with the biggest gallery !!!
I hope the pics will generate your interest, I strongly recommend everybody coming to Jo’burg joining this tour. It provides you unforgettable experiences according to your special interests.
My special options were: visiting an informal settlement and having lunch with / at a Soweto family.    

Our first stop was At the entrance of Soweto
at the entrance of Soweto:


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