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Christmas Eve at 30 degrees Celsius

Thursday, 24. December 2009

Christmas at 30 plus degrees is an experience on its own. It is kind of strange entering a supermarket and being confronted with Christmas decoration when it’s outside quite hot at 30 – 35 degrees. Luckily they make only limited use of Christmas songs and additionally turn the volume quite low. For god sake – you see I don’t really miss the German/European Christmas stress.

At every major intersection you see people, some of them begging, the others doing their business – selling stuff:  feather duster, coat-hanger, nets to keep insects away from food, cellphone charger for the car, sunglasses, ….

And of course they want to profit from the season, so jelly bag caps for Santa Claus costumes etc. complete their portfolio.

At a byroad close to my physio, there was a guy selling his stuff, dressed all in red. Wearing a Santa Clause costume, a red Stetson, and black sunglasses. If I had my camera with me, I would have given him some bucks to show you his picture. Since I hadn’t you have to rely on your imagination.

So Christmas is fun here. And Monique did shock me when she said the other day, she wants to have a Christmas tree. She saw my face and added “But a special one. And since we are here down under we will have one upside down.”

You won’t believe it. While I was editing this post, calling my son and my brother and father in Germany she was decorating the whole time.

Computer Assistant

Tuesday, 22. December 2009

While we are still waiting for our internet access via ADSL getting established Monique started studying at an virtual art academy.




Cramby and Fintsch always like being rather close.





Like at all times Fintsch is pretty much interested in technical interrelationship.

Hearing the printer to start he sits right in front watching the paper coming out.

And when it stops (printing done) he carefully catches the sheet of paper with his teeth and pulls it out.






The laugh is always on the loser

Monday, 21. December 2009

Coming from a customer visit to the office. So I came late, the others already there, so everybody saw me entering. The number of comments was uncountable.

From “What happened?” …  “Come on, tell me the true story”

To “You have to exercise patience. You must not try to force the customer to sign. They will if you are patient.”










I have to admit, I have seen better pictures of myself. 😉