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New Year’s Eve

Thursday, 31. December 2009

New Year’s eve – our first in our new homeland – was full of new experiences.

We’ve been invited to a party, which is not new on it’s own. But beside it was all new people – I did not know anybody but our host Pieter, and Monique didn’t know anybody at all – it was our first Spitbraai ever.

It only happens once in a blue moon:

  • two times full moon in one month,
  • full moon on December 31st,
  • and a (partial) lunar eclipse

And can you imagine entering the New Year without any fireworks?
It’s forbidden here, and only allowed to professional fireworkers. Although we were told that the current government wouldn’t take this law too serious, we didn’t see or hear any illumination rocket at midnight.
We were given a number of reasons:

  • fire danger (although it is middle of the summer, with the almost daily thunderstorms the bush should not bee such dry). And, there are thatched houses, but their number is rather limited
  • pets (law was made to protect pets, since they are scary about fireworks¬† – as this is an old law, I am wondering what law would have protected the majority of the population that time?

And, we learned a new way welcoming the New Year:  Skriie