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African Freedom

Sunday, 13. December 2009

Today is the day!

Yesterday morning, in parallel to preparing the party, we had staff to set up the chicken-wire. Now, there is no more any reason not letting the cats out.

Fintch and Cramby already knew the garden since we walked them (or they us) on the leash.

Now, no more leash. Sniffing at the flowers, digging the soil, hiding in the bushes and chasing on the lawn.

Let’s party – If there is no reason for, just create one

Sunday, 13. December 2009

This was the theme of our invitation to celebrate our first 3 months in South Africa. Although almost 20 of our invitees had to decline – too many functions this time of the year – we’ve been a decent crowd.

And we’ve been lucky, since right for the party sky cleared up and we had great sunshine. The kids did enjoy the pool. And we had a great time with our guests.

Starting at 4 p.m. last guests left after midnight, and we went to bed after two.