Gangster’s Paradise

30. November 2009 by Ludger

Bomb alert or hostage-taking?

We, a colleague of mine and myself, were on our way to a customer meeting downtown. Shortly before 2 p.m. surprisingly we barely could get off the highway due to a traffic jam on Village Road – exceptional this time of the day. Then we got a call from the customer, being sorry to cancel the meeting. We won’t get access to any of the buildings due to an evacuation. It took us a while to get thru the traffic and back onto the highway. But guess what, by no means a better situation. One could have the impression the whole city got evacuated.

Later on we got enlightened – or should I say received competing messages, or rumors: There was a call by a guy with a Middle-East accent (of course a Middle-East accent ! ), saying there where multiple bombs placed in multiple buildings of the customer. Another message said, the CEO was taken hostage. And again another telling, an employee was going nuts when he got aware of an affair of his wife.

Whatever the facts, whether bombs or a security breach,  net-net 12000 people got half a day off, and the streets got flooded the with respective number of cars.

Reminds me on my time in school – how often we got redirected half way from the station to the school, due to bomb alert. After a number of times there was no longer an additional day of, but we came across all these guys in trench coats in the school, that usually didn’t belong there.  Gangster’s Paradise ?

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