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Sun is back !

Sunday, 22. November 2009

After not having seen the sun for 6 days – not even a minute – this morning: blue skies and sun is shinning!

I said to my boss on Thursday “Why did you get me here? This weather I could have had in Germany too”

It was grey in grey, upper two thirds of the Jo’burg television tower were not visible since covered in clouds, it was raining cats and dogs, and max. temperature was 17 degrees Celsius. It was so much rain, that the sewage system couldn’t take it. If you drove on the highway into downtown, there where a  number of bridges, where the water came down like a waterfall. So you saw the bridge crossing the freeway, and you realized you had to drive through a curtain of water, mudd, and stones.

But six days no sun, I didn’t expect this experience in Africa.