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What to do with the waste-water of the washing machine?

Wednesday, 28. October 2009


When visiting the house we were told the the domestic staff quarter was converted to a laundry.

And actually it did (first sight) look alike.
No room for a bed, but cupboards likewise for a kitchen or a laundry; and even a stand to have the washing machine with the tumble dryer above.

There is a water tap behind where the washing machine is going to stand.

But the sewerage?S-washingmashine-2

Just a hole in the wall towards the backyard.

Just as big that a garden hose fits through.

Okay, and then?
Of course you might be able to connect a garden hose to the outlet of the washing maschine. And then the waste-water runs through the backyard, leaving underneath the backyard door, and downhill right towards the neighbours in number 5.S-washingmashine-3

I wonder how the previous tenant dealt with this. Didn’t they do any laundry?

Well, we don’t care what they did. We want proper sewerage.

So we propel South African economy. Some work for the plumbers, and some investment by the landlord.