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Next step to get settled

Wednesday, 7. October 2009

This morning we did avoid the daily commute congestion and left Aquanzi at 9:00 a.m. only. Last time from Aquanzi to Sandton, since Zara and Ebrahim – friends we learned to know at Aquanzi – helped us to get our stuff to our new place. Just two cars for a move!

Fintch and Cramby, our cats felt very scary. They were moaning the whole 40 minutes drive in their flightcases. I guess they did expect another 10+ hours airborne

The new house didn’t calm them down
– too spacious, too empty! !
(Some more pics)

When I came home from work, they’ve already been much more relaxed. They are starting to get accustomed. Our first meal in the new home – supper – a bit impromptu.