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2 very long days and a surprisingly ending

Thursday, 1. October 2009

Today and yesterday have been very long days.

Yesterday getting up at 5:15 to avoid the morning congestion, and to be on time at the business breakfast with our new IM GM. Then the hassles of last day of quarter and preparation of today’s event. Great dinner, and then check of the technical set up at the venue and rehearsal. Left the place at 23:15, and it only took me 35 minutes to get back home.
Today gained 15 minutes by getting up at 5:30 to be on time at the Michelangelo for the registration at IOD Comes to You.  After lunch, I got the graveyard session !
And delivered my worst performance in presenting for years. 15 minutes later, the TV take went pretty well.

Headed back home at about 18:15. Oh wonder, traffic was good – just half way, then stop-and-go. I am already used to it. Calling Monique – surprise, surprise: we got the keys of our new home !

While I was struggling with my presentation, Monique did successfully manage the handover of our future home.