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Tuesday, 29. September 2009

It is true, South Africa can be chilly!

After a very hot spring day (30 degrees Celsius) yesterday, today has been very chilly – long sleeves and jacket needed.
In between I encountered “my” first African thunderstorm last night: lots of hail, lightnings all around, and raining cats and dogs is a much too nice expression. Within minutes the golf course opposite the customer’s premises was white, covered with hail. Then water did pour down the windows, more water on the screens than in a car wash. And within minutes water started first dropping, then pouring from the ceiling. We were chasing for trash bins to collect the water, but could not prevent that the carpet got soaking wet. So we had to save the file boxes on the floor by putting them on the desks (Nice proof for the need for and advantages of ECM  😉 ). Finally parts of the ceiling came down – soaking.Hailstorm Result at Broadacres Shopping Center

The hail had blocked the drain, the water has obviously found other ways to come down from the roof!

On my way home the road partly was covered with dirt, and at a nearby shopping center the covers at the parking had been damaged – the sun shields torn away, and its steel frames twisted as if they were of Plasticine.