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A long and winding road

Friday, 25. September 2009

Yeah, it’s a Beatles song,  but I mean my recovery.

Today I had my third appointment with Rosanne, my (Belgian-)South African physiotherapist. I now know what it means that she works with horses too.

Since the interrupt in therapy due to our flight etc. my left shoulder and wrist is sore – even more than the elbow, which is still not functional. The wrist is getting a little better meanwhile, so she did concentrate on the shoulder today. She worked every muscle strand, and every tendon – very painful during the cure! But afterwards I easily could slip in my jacket.

Don’t praise the day before it is ended. Now it is aching ! If a plume would fall on my shoulder, bladebone  or chest – it feels like punshed by Muhammed Ali

planning our move

Friday, 25. September 2009

Today we got the final confirmation: our cats are allowed in the new home!
And we got the draft of the lease agreement, and according our perception everything is in order.
Next step: signing the final contract on Monday

Still there are some unexpected issues:

I have managed to get a bank account, but we have no bank cards yet. But this is one of the prerequisites to sign a cell-phone contract.
Additionally doing our purchases via German credit card causes foreign-currency-fees. Seems I have to close huge ECM deals with the banks here to get my money back.

Got notified by Silk Company, that our duvets, pillows and linen are ready to collect – I guess I will wait until I can pay via my ZA account