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Birthday & surprise party

Friday, 18. September 2009

birthday-3Short notice I did invite a number of colleagues for an after-work drink to the bar next door to the IBM campus. I was not really surprised that I got many push backs. It was a Friday night and after a long week they wanted to stay with their families. And others still had to work – only 1 1/2 weeks to end of quarter.

So it was just Monique and me starting with a Martini into the week-end and celebrating my birthday. Monique then told me she had got no reply from Grant and that Mike had to cancel since Martina didn’t feel good. Okay – instead of a birthday party a romantic dinner! Not bad at all, having had a romantic dinner on my 50st in Venice, now on my 55th in South Africa – what can you say?

Surprisingly Monique didn’t agree to any of my proposed restaurants. Instead she guided me towards our interim home. And since this is outbound we stuck in Friday night congestion. Halfway home she asked me whether I would find the place were I had been with Grant before. “Sure”, I said, “but this is a bar, thus a bit noisy and more of a party place than for a romantic dinner”.

Finally we reached the parking lot at the Central Grill. But then Monique didn’t want to enter. There are a number of other restaurant at this place, so I proposed to have look whether there was one that suited her better. But the only place she was interested in, was the ladies room of that shopping center !??

After a while we entered Central Grill, and she wanted to sit inside, not on the patio. But immediately after we were seated she was heading to buy cigarettes. We got the menu – she needed to have a smoke (outside); we ordered a drink – she did need to rush to the ladies room; we looked at the menu – she needed another smoke; she could not decide what to eat – and to me it was a strange opening of a romantic dinner. She left for another smoke. I was no longer very relaxed. Then the waitress showed up stating, my spouse was outside and didn’t feel well. I followed her thru the whole restaurant and onto the crowed patio, watching out for Monique. And then I stepped into Grant, and Monique and Christine close by and so Mike and Martina.

I guess I was too worried and too surprised to display happiness.

What a start into a great night!      Thank you, Darling

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